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Governor Pat McCrory today celebrated the expansion of HAECO Americas aerospace operations at Piedmont Triad International Airport, an announcement that will bring 400 new jobs and $41 million in investments to the state by 2018
ome of High Point's leaders are advancing a plan that would place a multipurpose stadium somewhere downtown, even though the city does not host a minor league professional sports team.
Fear of gang violence helped pass the Federal Firearms Act of 1938. That law curbed the use of the infamous sub-machine gun, silencers and the like
In a WRAL interview released this morning, Deborah Ross stumbled when asked whether she felt Hillary Clinton was trustworthy
College officials should be praised when they curtail wasteful spending, but when they cut the budget by eliminating core educational programs, they deserve public scorn
We will offer this allotment of three with more to come; some old, most new, but all quite informative, and, moreover, necessary to understanding that in North Carolina, there is a wiser path to govern ourselves and our People.
Let us settle for all time the question whether there is bias in the media.
With fewer than 90 days before the November 8th elections it is fitting to consider who can and will vote and what can be done to encourage voter turnout
The Department of Education recently proposed new regulations to punish colleges that attract students with misleading claims.
One thing I've learned in my years of teaching in the U.S. is that many young Americans are moral relativists. As students in elementary and secondary schools, they were taught that there is no moral fact of the matter
In a typical week, I get four or five inquiries from media relating to some higher education issue



Publisher's note: The author of this post is Dan Way, who is an Associate Editor for the Carolina Journal, John Hood Publisher.

Pension investment managers have unrealistic expectations for high returns, critics say
North Carolina's public employees retirement system is underfunded, bled more than $2 billion in red ink in the most recent 12-month period reported, and is outperformed by most other states, data show.

Republican state treasurer candidate Dale Folwell, a certified public accountant, said that if he is elected in November's general election, he immediately would conduct a comprehensive assessment of asset allocations, and the fees paid to investment managers.

"As a CPA, we tend to look at not what's required to be reported, but we're trying to look at cash flow. And the cash flow of the state pension plan was a negative $2 billion in the last 12 months," Folwell said.... (read more)
Press Release:
Raleigh, N.C. Governor Pat McCrory announced today that the North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) approved 19 grant and loan requests totaling $5,153,475. The requests include commitments to create a total of 195 new jobs.

"Quality buildings, sites and infrastructure remain fundamental for every business, and these grants and loans enable North Carolina communities to attract, grow and retain companies and jobs," said Governor McCrory. "RIA programs move the needle for our smaller towns and counties when opportunities for economic development arise."

The RIA reviews and approves funding requests for grant and loan programs. The programs are operated by the Rural Economic Development Division at the N.C. Department of Commerce, which is led by Secretary John E. Skvarla, III, and Assistant Secretary Dr. Patricia Mitchell. Grants support infrastructure dev... (read more)

Op-Ed & Politics

Press Release:
Greensboro, N.C. Governor Pat McCrory today celebrated the expansion of HAECO Americas aerospace operations at Piedmont Triad International Airport, an announcement that will bring 400 new jobs and $41 million in investments to the state by 2018.

"I'm proud to help break ground on this major project, which will create 400 new jobs right here in the Triad," said Governor McCrory. "These new manufacturing jobs are evidence of our state's thriving aerospace industry, which now includes 180 companies and over 9,500 employees."

With today's ground breaking, Piedmont Triad International Airport will now begin work on the 24-acre site for HAECO Americas to build a fifth aircraft hangar, which will allow the company to maintain, repair and overhaul large jet aircraft.

Governor McCrory's administration partnered with the airport on the project, by providing a $4 million gr... (read more)
Publisher's note: The author of this post is Barry Smith, who is an Associate Editor for the Carolina Journal, John Hood Publisher.

Facility that potentially would host baseball, lacrosse, soccer, and other events likely to need controversial TIF bonds.
Some of High Point's leaders are advancing a plan that would place a multipurpose stadium somewhere downtown, even though the city does not host a minor league professional sports team.

Baseball could be played at the new complex, along with soccer and lacrosse, said Doyle Early, a High Point attorney and chairman of Forward High Point Inc., a redevelopment group seeking to transform the city's downtown "into an extraordinary and vibrant destination to live, work, study, and play."

In addition to being a sports venue, the downtown stadium also would be available to host concerts and other events, Early said.

"We believe that the ... (read more)



News Release:

Sheriff Ernie Coleman and the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office is proud to partner with Kingdom Builders. Kingdom Builders is a local street ministry that has been handing out sleeping bags to people in need for the past year. A total of 20 sleeping bags have been given out since the program started.

Most of the effort has been in and around Washington but Kingdom Builders would like to reach more of Beaufort County. Dr. Frank Sheldon, representing Kingdom Builders met with Sheriff Ernie Coleman and Chief Deputy Charlie Rose. During the meeting it was decided that Kingdom Builders would provide sleeping bags to the Sheriff's Office. Patrol Deputies will keep a sleeping bag in their patrol vehicle and will give the sleeping bags to those that are in need, whether they are homeless or because of other circumstances. The sleeping bags will be replaced once given ou... (read more)


News Release:

Carolina Connector expected to create 1,500 jobs throughout North Carolina

Rocky Mount, N.C. Governor Pat McCrory announced today that CSX will open a new intermodal terminal in Edgecombe County. Known as the Carolina Connector (CCX), this critical infrastructure project will bring jobs and economic opportunity to eastern North Carolina and position the state as a leader in enhanced freight movement.

CCX will transfer containerized cargo between trains and trucks, processing more than 260,000 containers per year initially. Building the facility is expected to create 250 to 300 short-term jobs in engineering, technical services and construction. Conservative estimates indicate that the hub is expected to create 1,500 jobs throughout North Carolina as a result of the terminal's operations.

"This historic project is part of our 25-year vision for transportation becau... (read more)


The Region

Publisher's note: The author of this post, Crystal Baity, is a contributor to ECU News Services.

Chasing June bugs, examining abandoned mud dauber nests and collecting tree droppings highlighted the first few hours of a weeklong East Carolina University summer institute for elementary school science teachers.

It's the kind of excitement and activity that the teachers want to create for their students when they return to school in late August.

"I want to be able to have the resources to engage kids to explore the outdoors and get out of the classroom," said Brittany Daniels '16, who will be teaching fourth grade at South Greenville Elementary School for the first time this fall.

Melissa Dowland, coordinator of teacher education at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences, shows teachers an abandoned mud dauber nest found outside Eastern Elementary School in Greenville. (Photos by Cli... (read more)

The Arts

Michelle Chamuel "Call Your Girlfriend":
After work we spent time in the berthing compartment (like a warehouse full of bunk beds). Near me was a small group of Cajuns (Louisiana French) who somehow knew each other from maybe a biker gang. They played tape recording of their HOG (motorcycle) noises and told funny stories. One day, the group was disturbed that their friend was extremely depressed almost catatonic.

He had written home that he met an exciting girl in port. Someone told his Cajun girlfriend and a letter arrived that his HOG had been stolen and wrecked and found half submerged in a muddy swamp nearby. As Neil Sedaka says, "Breaking up is hard to do."

Conclusion: When young men are at sea for thirty day and in port for three days before going out again, it is difficult to maintain relationships in the States. Back in the day, there were no emails or cell phones fo... (read more)
Training Video Link:

This skill is not part of the Memory Championship but 70 per cent of us suffer with No Sense of Direction. I found a video about the training of cab drives in London where you must pass a series of tests over a 2 year period called THE KNOWLEDGE.

To pass the test, some take private lessons. The system depends on map study and motor scooter rides. Basically, you must know the streets of London. Only 30% of the applicants will ever pass the test.

I have the route from home to my grocery store, another to the pharmacy, another to Home Depot. I will soon have mental maps to places like coffee shops and waffle houses all over my county. That is all I need...a mental map of the county and not Metro.

I have paper maps, GPS and smart phone apps. Technology has solved 80% of my routing problems but hopefully THE KNOWLEDGE will conquer the remaining 20%. Now re... (read more)



Press Release:
Raleigh, N.C. The following statement was issued today by Bob Stephens, General Counsel for Governor Pat McCrory:

"Various media have reported that Governor McCrory's administration is using disaster relief funds, or will use disaster relief funds, to pay lawyers to challenge, in court, the federal overreach by the Obama administration on bathroom, locker room, and shower facility policies in North Carolina and to defend North Carolina's laws and policies regarding the use of these facilities."More than 20 other states have followed North Carolina's lead in filing lawsuits against the Obama administration on this issue."Due to the North Carolina Attorney General's repeated refusal to fulfill his statutory duty to represent the State in litigation, my office retained outside counsel to prosecute, and when necessary to defend, these lawsuits. However, contrary to media re... (read more)


Mrs. Gloria S. Sawyer, age 63, a resident of 6863 Free Union Church Road, Pinetown, died Tuesday, March 27, 2012, at her home.

Arrangements will be announced by Paul Funeral Home of Belhaven.... (read more)